Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success Stories

How successful is hypnosis for weight loss? When it comes to weight loss, you may need a little convincing about the power of hypnosis for weight loss – you want to hear about other hypnosis weight loss success stories before you try it yourself. Hypnosis is a well-established way to help you change habits and improve how you go through your daily life, including losing weight.

In fact, many physicians and reputable medical facilities are hiring hypnotherapists for their practices in order to help patients with weight loss issues as well as other health issues such as smoking.  Hypnosis has also long helped people with specific phobias, like fear of flying or fear of driving, as well as exam panic and fear of public speaking.

Research has shown that hypnosis for weight loss can give people the extra boost they are looking for.  In fact, it has been demonstrated that using hypnosis for weight loss can be more effective than using other diet and exercise programs alone. A recent study showed that patients who practiced hypnosis for 20 weeks lost an average of 20 pounds.

That may not sound like much, but think about it for a moment.  If you lost a pound a week for a year, you’d be down 52 pounds.  Without the agony of a crash diet from which you most likely would just rebound and put back the weight. Yo-yo dieting is bad for your health and your weight – other research has already shown that.

This weight loss with hypnosis was without any other intervention from diet or exercise or dangerous diet pills. It was simply mind over matter. When you combine weight loss efforts such as a regular exercise program or calorie restriction, your results may be even more dramatic. A combination program, in my experience, really is the best approach to losing weight for keeps.

If you’re looking for something to allow you to lose weight without another program, hypnosis can provide steady weight loss with lasting results.  If you want to kickstart your diet and exercise program by adding hypnosis, you’ll see the weight come off fast and you’ll enjoy more lasting weight loss.  The success from hypnosis is impressive — and it might be that extra edge that you need to get to your goal weight this time.

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