Affirmation for Reducing Stress and Losing Weight

I am melting the extra pounds of negative stress away by balancing my intake of duties, expectations, and pressures.

 My life is in balance. By prioritizing, I create my own pyramid of responsibilities. My priorities are my guidelines for how I spend my time, energy and money.

In order to stay balanced, I do not over indulge in any one area.I set limits for myself so that I can stay healthy. Balancing my responsibilities is my exercise. When I stay the course, I burn off the excess weight of busywork or distractions. My life feels more fulfilling when I replace busywork with meaningful tasks.

I remove anxiety from my diet and replace it with careful planning. I balance my duties by filling out my planner. If I see that I have too many tasks on one day, I stop adding responsibilities for that date.

Sometimes I have to say “no” to some things. Other times I simply have to say “not now.” If I tried to do it all and neglected to limit my activities, I would burn myself out and experience negative stress.

My expectations are fair. If others place unrealistic expectations on me, I work hard, but I replace them with realistic ones. I take on reasonable challenges. I am encouraged when I exceed my expectations. If I set my expectations too high and then I miss, I would be stressed and discouraged.

A moderate amount of stress is good for me, but when I feel myself getting buried under pressure, I know it’s time to re-evaluate my diet. I am careful not to crush myself under pressure in the name of challenging myself. There is a difference between taking on a challenge and simply taking on too much.

When I melt away negative stress I fit into my clothes of cheerfulness and peace of mind.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I balance my schedule?
  2. What busywork can I eliminate from my life?
  3. Are my priorities reflected in the way I spend my time, energy and money?


Hypnosis — The Best Way To Stop Smoking

StopSmokingYesYouCanHypnosis is the best way to stop smoking. Why? Hypnosis is a way of getting back in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions without relying on drugs or gimmicks. Hypnosis — when done the right way — can clear away the blocks that you have inside your own mind, the ones that defeat you at your own game. Clearing the internal resistance to stopping smoking is really essential to succeeding.

Then your unconscious mind is open and ready to receive a healthier new program, one that makes it easy to stop smoking and get on with a better life.

Let’s be honest – Smoking is a nasty habit. Not only does your partner kiss an ashtray, your insides start to turn black gradually. You know the deal – arteries will harden. You increase your risks for strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. You want to be healthy. Your rational mind knows that smoking is something we want to avoid at all costs.

But, smoking is usually not a rational choice. It comes from feelings, ways of coping with stress and disappointments, insecurities, and habit.

Self-hypnosis and hypnosis are effective strategies to re-program your unconscious mind to change habits. The benefit is that you to take on healthier behaviors.

By-passing your conscious mind is important to do. You are probably an expert at undermining yourself at the conscious level. So meet your illogical thoughts with healthier thoughts. That’s right. Remove the irrational emotions and thoughts from your inner “tape” or “program.” Set your mindset for success.

Without “making” it happen, your new healthier inner tape of self-talk will help you get back in control of your behaviors to stop smoking. You will really know – deep inside, “I feel better when I do not smoke. Tobacco is not my commander. I am the master of my own will and I choose to stop smoking.”

Self-talk involves positive use of feelings. When you learn to identify your feelings it intensifies you will to accept these feelings. You have a deeper awareness and learn to take responsibility of your actions.

Watching yourself benefiting from hypnosis can give you new insights into what makes you do what you do. You gain hope and encouragement from understanding the triggers for your actions. In turn, these insights will help you make positive changes in your attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and especially, behaviors. Behaviors like smoking. Adopting new behaviors — like not smoking.

You probably have not found it easy to stop smoking on your own or using patches or gums or drugs. Yet if you work at it and get help from a professional hypnotist, you can get the specific mind-over-matter tools you need to stop smoking. You have a survival instinct – hypnosis will help you get in direct touch with it.

Hypnosis to quit smoking can take just a couple of deep, focused sessions. You use a booster or reinforcing audio recording daily to keep you on track. Most clients are pleasantly surprised that they just stop the craving and develop new healthier behaviors to replace the automatic habit of lighting up a cigarette.

You just need to take that first step. Check out hypnosis as a way to stop smoking. If you want to avoid drugs or have not succeeded in stopping smoking with other techniques, you owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage of what hypnosis can do for you.

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Hypnosis for Positive Self Talk

Hypnosis for positive self talk is a simple effortless way to shift your inner dialogue with yourself. If you feel satisfied with the person you are now then you are probably one of those people that worked hard to understand and develop yourself. But most of us are works-in-progress – and that is a good thing.

Change is part of life — resisting change is one way to set yourself up to feel stressed and uncomfortable. Adding strategies, like hypnosis and self hypnosis, to your daily life can help you go with the flow of change and thrive.

You may have issues with self esteem, self confidence, anxiety or fears in certain situations like exams or public speaking. Those issues lead to negative tapes that you run in your mind over and over. Many times those anxieties and fears can hold you back from enjoying better relationships with others and/or advancing in your work life.  You can change this behavior through self-hypnosis for more positive self-talk.

How can positive self-image-talk help you develop into a happier, more successful individual?

You know that your mind is always chattering all day (and sometimes all night – leading to trouble sleeping and fitful sleep). Using self hypnosis and hypnosis can help you modify the chatter into a more positive set of themes. Positive affirmations are a basic and simple way to get started in changing your mindset. These statements are a way to speaking directly to your unconscious mind and giving it a healthier way to chatter to you and about you.

Then, when the next challenging situation arises, you are ready for it. You have now primed yourself to feel good about yourself and your ability to deal with the situation, the stress, or the fear. Then, with some additional strategies and tools to overcome the specific challenge, you will be able to move ahead.

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Positive Affirmation for Change

I release things that have held me back. I have no use for them.

I can finally let go of the things that have impeded me from moving forward.

I have a direction in life and I have goals to achieve. I will reach my destinations and my goals.

All hindrances are behind me; I have let go of them. I am free now to move into the positive directions I have set out for myself in my life. I forge on, moving forward without fear or blocks.

 I have let go of all of the things that were holding me back in life. I am living a positive, free life and I am simply who I am.

I let go of the need to be a particular way for anyone else and this frees me. I let go of the need to put too many expectations on myself because they are a hindrance to my momentum and success.


I can achieve my goals in the time that I am supposed to; I let go of timelines that hold me back.

I let go of pushing myself until I am exhausted; this does not benefit my mind or my body. I give myself the rest and time I need to have more energy to be a productive person.

Today, I let go of the things in life that are holding me back. I replace these things with an overabundance of positive energy.

I can move at my own pace and let go of an unrealistic timetable. I will be myself at all times and let go of being different to different people. Today I live without blocks or bondage.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I feel free to pursue my goals?
  2. Have I let go of the things that hold me back?
  3. Have I looked at what may be making me feel under pressure?